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Powder Coating

Transform your project with our expert Powder Coating Services. At McKenna Metal, we specialize in providing top-quality powder coating on a wide range of surfaces.  A fresh powder coating job can protect, restore, and provide a beautiful finish that can last a lifetime. 

Our Process

Dry Powder is applied and then cured in our large oven. First, parts are grounded and the powder receives and electrostatic charge as it is sprayed onto the object. This charge keeps the powder in place before it is cured in our oven. We use no solvents, our powder coating is 100% environmentally friendly!

Powder Coating Colors:


Scratch resistant

Make your metal resistant to everyday wear and tear.  resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading.


 Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process that produces zero VOC emissions and minimizes waste. 


Our Powder Coating Service has a shorter curing and drying process than other liquid coatings. We save you time and energy.

Aesthetically pleasing:

 Colorful and attractive finishes that allow you to customize the look of your project.

Protect against corrosion

Our Powder coating forms a protective barrier that shields metal surfaces from corrosion and rust!


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