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Silver Steel Plate
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Waterjet Services

Our Process

We wouldn’t be a one-stop shop without our beloved CNC Waterjet Service. If you’re in need of high-quality cuts on a variety of materials, we’ve got you covered. Our Waterjet cutting provides accuracy and consistency for your project needs.  

Utilizing a high-pressure stream of water, mixed with an abrasive substance, this high-grade technology cuts through materials with ease. Such versatility allows us to cut through metal, stone, glass, and acrylics. 

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Waterjet Specialties

Custom Cutting

Create custom designs and cutouts based on your exact specs. We can do logos, patterns, and custom shapes.

Material Cuts

Metals, Plastics, Rubber, Foam, you name it, we can cut it.



We produce custom prototypes for new product designs and test parts before full-scale production.


Production Runs

We can handle large-scale production runs with consistent quality and quick turnaround times! 


Finishing Services

Give your parts a professional touch with our sandblasting and polishing.

Waterjet cutting 1


 Our waterjet cutting can achieve extremely precise cuts with minimal kerf width, allowing for tight tolerance and intricate designs.


Our waterjet services can handle a variety of materials and thicknesses, making McKenna Metal a local powerhouse in producing a wide range of builds.


Our quick turnarounds allow for a production of large quantities and quality builds  customized to your needs.

Environmentally friendly

 Eliminate the excess and fumes! Our waterjet saves where other fabrication companies waste. 

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